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Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Sonia S.

Brent was extremely professional, knowledgeable and it is very clear that he is great at what he does. From the get go he was very good at communicating, and throughout the entire process. After he was done his inspection he did such a thorough job with walking us through all the potential issues and big issues that would have to be dealt with right away. His post-inspection report was sent very efficiently and was impressively detailed, clearly outlining non urgent considerations, medium-level concerns, and urgent matters needing addressing right away. He caught an issue with the roof (where it needs an entire replacement) among other things that would’ve been missed and was missed by previous inspectors. He also said we can come to him for support or questions whenever we needed, which shows that he prioritizes long-term care of his clients and their homes. I would highly recommend needing an inspector for a house to use Brent.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Ken O.

Great experience with Brent.
He came promptly, did the job professionally and completely.
He has my business.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Blair P.

Brent at Examina Inspections is the most thorough house inspector I have ever come across. He uses a digital report that is super clear and easy to use. I have sent mine to specific trades( plumbing, electrical, carpentry etc.) do get the work done. Brent also did a follow up walk through so I completely understood the issues with my home. HIGHLY recommend!
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Reese M.

Brent provided a fantastic service that was instrumental to us being able to make knowledgeable decisions and get our foot in the door of what can only be described as a difficult housing market. Thank you!
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

M & G

Highly recommend Examina Inspections and Brent’s services. Professional, prompt and knowledgeable from the initial inquiry phone call through to the final report. It had been 15 years since our last home inspection and we had a lot of questions. Brent was patient and offered reasonable answers as well as recommendations where appropriate. Very happy with the service and would re-book for future inspections.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Heather Z.

Brent was amazing for our home inspection. From the beginning he was very responsive to my inquiries and took the time to answer my questions. He was flexible with booking which I appreciated. He has high attention to detail and very thorough with his examinations. Brent was punctual and professional. We appreciated his honest feedback and insight to ensure we have the right home. We loved the app he uses for his report, it is easy to read and navigate. Very user friendly! Definitely recommend, thank you Brent.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Fred T.

Professional, thorough and objective in his assessment of the property. The inspection report was well presented and offered excellent insights to a spectrum of observations made – from minor to significant. The Examina portal and report layout was impressive both on PC or mobile device. Appreciated the personal time Brent also made to connect with me on my schedule and go through the report as I wasn’t able to be on site. It all helped me make an informed decision.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

James M.

Thoroughly satisfied with Examina Inspections.
Brent did a thorough inspection with pictures and recommendations. We were impressed. Totally hassle free and would recommend using again in the future
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Terry J.

We are “years away” from selling our home which we have owned for 34 years, but ordered the inspection to provide a “honey do” list to work on in the interim period. Brent (Inspector) was punctual, professional and certainly completed the inspection within the parameters he laid out upon his arrival. Very impressed with the detailed examination, walk around presentation followed by a detailed written report and pictures. Very informative and enlightening. Simply a “must” if you recognize the investment you have in your home and looking at the inevitable of selling at some time in the future!
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Alaya B.

I highly recommend Examina. Brent was friendly, punctual, and thorough. He explained the processes he undertakes in terms we could understand. The mold air quality testing gave our family peace of mind. Priceless!
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Holly M.

Highly recommend Brent with Examina Inspections! The process was super simple and the results came much faster than expected!
Thank you!
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Ben P.

Highly recommend Examina Inspections. Brent was patient in answering my questions, gave a detailed and clear report of his findings and was extremely polite and professional. Couldn’t ask for anything more in a home inspection.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Isabell B.

I highly recommend Brent at Examina Inspections for his exceptional professionalism and expertise. Despite our last-minute request over a weekend, he accommodated our schedule travelling from the city via ferry. Throughout the house inspection, Brent’s communication was both detailed and clear, ensuring we were well-informed at every stage. The prompt delivery of the inspection report afterwards further showcased his thorough and thoughtful approach to his work.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Pete T.

Brent was a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend his services. We want to thank Brent for the thorough house inspections he provided, enabling us to buy our home.  The first two inspections resulted in us withdrawing from the purchases due to the issues he identified and highlighted.  The third time was a charm. His inspection reports and walk-throughs were detailed, easy to understand, and provided the information needed to decide whether to purchase or not.   We received his report the same day as the inspection. Brent made it easy for us to coordinate his services with the necessary septic system inspection, the real estate agents, and home owners. We will definitely use him again if needed.
Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Attila G.

Brent really went the extra mile to make sure a 360 degree inspection was done. He clearly knows the building industry very well, material and workmanship included. The report was received the same day even as is extremely detailed. I highly recommend, indeed. The only inspector I will call if I ever need inspection again. THANK YOU!

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Cedric B.

We had a great, wonderful and positive experience with Examina Inspection, specifically with you Brent. One of the critical moment for us that time was getting the services of a licensed home inspector one or two weeks before the possession date of the new house. We sent email to several service providers and it was only you who responded immediately and in a timely manner.  Your website provided easy access to information as to services you provide which help us booked your services online. You were there on the scheduled date of inspection and provided us with an excellent walkthrough immediately after the inspection. The coverage of the report was thorough.  Further queries by service providers – insurance, mortgage provider other stakeholders were adequately addressed.  In a scale of 1 is to 5 where 1 is the least and 5 is the highest satisfaction. I would rate your overall service at 5 and would highly recommend you to other potential clients as well.  Again, thank you and may your future clients also experience such exceptional service from you and your company.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Glen A.

Great job all around! Answers calls promptly and gets on the job right away! Very professional and efficient! Highly recommend and would use again!

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Tommy S.

In early May of 2023 Brent Peppiatt of Examina Inspections attended a home that I was interested in purchasing and performed an inspection. I met up with Brent after he completed the physical inspection and he guided me around the perimeter as well as the interior of the home. During this review I was very impressed with his knowledge of building codes and structural necessities. His discoveries of the smallest details confirmed to me that this professional is indeed very, very thorough. If anyone ever asks me if I could recommend a good Home Inspector, Brent Peppiatt and Examina Inspections would be the first names that would come to mind and I would include “best” rather than just “good”.

Thank you Examina for the review and written observations that made me very aware of the condition of the home and the recommendations to keep it safe and comfortable.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Steven D.

I had an excellent experience having Brent review our house before we purchased it. There was attention to detail and the job done was thorough. My interactions with all concerned were professional, friendly, prompt and organised. Examina Inspections are highly recommended.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Kaden W.

We recently had Brent inspect a home that we ended up purchasing. We had some concerns with the electrical that Brent provided us great knowledge on. Brent is very friendly and enthusiastic in performing his role. He ensured us that he will be there for us throughout the purchasing process, and after. We would recommend Brent to anyone!

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Daniel H.

Great experience with Examina and Brent. Extremely thorough and professional. Highly recommend him for your home inspections.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Yannis F.

Brent is exceptional at his job. I was blown away at his dilligence, organization and report. Would hire again in a second.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Anna A.

Brent is friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. I would definitely recommend him for any of your home inspection needs!

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Stephen B.

Brent Peppiatt was very quick in responding to our request for a house inspection. The inspection was very thorough and fair, clearly outlining any problems and explaining which were ones were more serious and who we might need to speak to to remedy them. After his inspection Brent did a walk through with us and was good enough to fit in with our schedule as we had travelled some distance. His comments were clear and helpful and this made it easier for us to decide on whether we should proceed with our house purchase. He has also offered ongoing support if we have any questions regarding his findings in the future. Brent has a pleasant disposition and is easy to get on with. We would highly recommend him to anybody making. house purchase on the Sunshine Coast.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Rod M.

I have used many property inspectors over the years and I found Brent to be among the best. He was quick to respond to emails, answered questions, and provided a detailed report with plenty of detail and photographs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Brent at Examina Inspectors.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Sean H.

Brent Peppiatt of Examina Inspections, was professional, knowledgeable and seems like an around nice guy. Although we didn’t get the results we were looking for in our home inspection he explained everything and promptly got the home inspection report to us in quick order. He told us we could contact him if any future questions came to us and we won’t hesitate to reach out as needed.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Mathieu H.

Fast, efficient, friendly, human.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector


I am happy to recommend Brent at Examina Inspections for his excellent service in conducting an inspection on a unit we are purchasing. He was thorough and diligent and took the time to answer all our questions, no matter how big or small. He’s clearly passionate about what he does and he understands the significance of inspections in helping prospective buyers feel confident about their decisions. I was also impressed with the platform he uses to deliver his reports; it was very user-friendly and made it easy to get our concerns and questions to the seller’s agent for quick follow-up.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Jason H.

I can’t recommend Examina Inspections enough. From start to finish we were in good hands. Brent was very relatable and was able to explain in clear language every aspect of what he found in our house. His report was incredibly thorough and helped us to feel confident about our decision to move forward with our offer. Even after purchasing our home, his detailed report has been a helpful guide in our improvements. Definitely worth every penny.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector


A thorough and professional home inspection. I would definitely use Examina again and would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Adam V.B.

I would recommend anyone hire Brent for peace of mind. He knows his stuff and provides detailed reports that are easy to read and include photos as well as directions for actions. He is very approachable and was even quick to reply when I had follow up questions pertaining to insurance information later down the road. If he is available in your area then don’t hesitate to book him.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Scott G.

Examina Inspection provided us with the single highest quality home inspection services we have had to date in the real estate market – truly a quality above the others. Very highly recommend Examina! Excellent work and great tools and resources to help next steps.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Deborah H.

I was extremely impressed with the service I receive from Brent. The inspection report was incredibly detailed and comprehensive. I really appreciated how he ranked the level of deficiencies, so I was aware of those that posed a level of danger, and those I could DIY. I was unable to be physically present during the inspection as I live in Kamloops, so the one hour video conference and review walk through was an invaluable aid in helping me make my decision to purchase. I would recommend Brent to anyone needing a Home Inspection.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector


Brent was very thorough, and we were extremely happy with his service. Would highly recommend him!!

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Jon S.

10/10! Brent was very responsive and answered many questions prior to us having him inspect the actual home. He networked with the realtors involved and had the appointment scheduled within a couple hours. Brent is friendly, knowledgeable and he took the time to walk us through the home and explain his findings. We would highly recommend! Thanks Brent.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Meredith B.

Brent was amazing! He gave us a very thorough walk through and was really flexible with our timing considering we ran into ferry delays getting to the coast. I have no hesitations recommending him to any friends or family looking to buy a home on the Sunshine Coast!

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Mike S.

We recently purchased a house in Sechelt and we had Brent carry out the inspection. Once completed, Brent walked us around the property to review his findings in an organized fashion. It became obvious that Brent was very knowledgeable in this field and that he had done a complete and thorough inspection. Also, Brent was a good communicator which made for easy understanding. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Brent’s services again.

Testimonials - Sunshine Coast Home Inspector

Aili S.

We had Brent do an inspection on our home and we are thoroughly impressed with the service he provided to us. His attention to detail couldn’t be better. He was punctual, professional and called us back the same day we reached out to him. We had the inspection done not because we are buying a new home but to have a thorough look over our current home for entry points for rodents (neighbouring properties having issues) and to see if there were any other structural malfunctions we may not be aware of. We are so glad we did this. Our home now feels more secure, more safe for our family and overall we are all sleeping better at night! We found his reports easy to read and comprehend and we were able to get started on some of the “DIY” fixes that same day.
If you are looking for a super detailed report on your current or new to you home I would highly recommend Brent’s services.

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